About the project

The Nordic roadmap is centred around the establishment of a Nordic collaboration platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, alongside the launch of pilot projects and studies that will build experience in new fuels and establish green shipping corridors. The collaboration platform is envisaged as a forum where partners can not only share and discuss the progress of the Nordic roadmap, but receive briefings on a new policy, R&D, and other linked programmes, and potentially develop spin-off projects outside. 

The focus of the project is on “sustainable zero-carbon fuels” from a well-to-wake perspective. The project uses a fuel scorecard, where zero-carbon fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen will be evaluated by applying a variety of KPIs for performance and sustainability, conducting a life cycle assessment (LCA), and assessing the regulatory and safety challenges. In addition, the sea traffic in the region will be analysed through AIS mapping, as well as possible bunkering and infrastructure possibilities and challenges, leading to the creation of an infrastructure development plan to supply vessels across the region.

The Nordic roadmap has strong support from many of the leading maritime companies and stakeholders in the region, see Partners. As the project develops, we hope that even more stakeholders will join to take part and participate in the Nordic collaboration platform.

Below you can read more about the activities, partners, and how to contribute.

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