Ammonia and Rotor Sails – New partners

We are pleased to announce that Amon Maritime, Amon Offshore, Azane Fuel solutions, Norsepower and Viridis Bulk Carriers have joined the Nordic Roadmap project as supporting partners.

Strong backing from supporting partners will be essential for the impact that the Nordic Roadmap Project can deliver. The green transition in shipping will demand solutions onboard, onshore and through market based approaches. With these new additions to the team we ensure that we strengthen our combined knowledge-base within all three domains.

You can read more about our latest partners below:

A maritime project development company, working to realize the first ammonia powered ships and thus realizing their vision of creating the World’s first carbon free shipping company.

Azane Fuel Solutions develop and deliver turn-key bunkering solutions for ammonia fuel, enabling carbon free shipping.

Has a mission to reduce the environmental impact of shipping through the commercialisation of innovative and modern sail power.

Viridis Bulk Carriers is launching a fleet of innovative ships to provide short-sea bulk logistics without emissions of CO2.

You can find the full list of Partners here.

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