Developing a Nordic roadmap for infrastructure development


To develop a strategy in the form of a Nordic Roadmap for establishing infrastructure to supply the new fuels.


The Nordic roadmap will list the selected fuels, provide a mapping of current status of these in the Nordic countries, apply decarbonization pathways for the future energy mix for shipping, investigate applicability and scalability of selected fuels and finally define long term goals; and major actions and milestones to reach these goals and to overcome barriers for supplying new fuels.


Publish a Nordic roadmap to assist decision and policy makers in each of the countries to set realistic goals that build on the needs of our combined shipping and logistics network (Task report).

Key facts

Task leader: DNV (Alvar Mjelde)
Contributors: Menon, IVL, Chalmers, Litehauz, MAN ES
Start date: 2022 Q4
End date: 2025 Q4

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