Helsinki Conference


Date: 2023-05-03

Time: 11.00-16:00 (EEST/GMT+3)

Location: Gatehouse (Port of Helsinki), Komentosilta 1, 00980 Helsinki, Finland.

Attending companies and organizations: Artica Oy, Biokierto, Business Finland, Center for High North Logistics/Nord University, Danish Maritime Authority, DNV, Finnish Shipowners Association, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Finnlines, Flexens Oy Ab, Government of Finland – Ministry of Transport and Communication, Litehauz, MAN Energy Solutions, Menon Economics, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, Navidom Oy, Nofi, Nordic Investment Bank, Norges Ambassad – Helsingfors, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, PBI Research Insitute, Pevatech AS, Port of Helsinki, Port of Umeå/Infrastructure in Umeå AB, Rauma Marine Constructions Oy, SINTEF Energy Research, Stena Teknik – Stena Rederi AB, Swedish Transport Agency, Tallinn technical university, Transport Agency Sweden, University of Bremen – Faculty of Business Studies and Economics, Vasek, Verde Consulting, Wasaline/NLC Ferry/Kvarken Link, Wärtsilä Finland, Åbo Akademi University, Aalto University Schoool of Business.

The second conference of the Nordic Roadmap was held in Helsinki, in the port of Helsinki. Companies and organizations from all over the Nordics were gathered to get a status update on the project deliverables so far, gain new insights, share knowledge and establish connections.

The purpose of the conference was to give a status update on the project delivery so far and get input on the development of the strategic Nordic Roadmap, as well as facilitate partnerships throughout the Nordic maritime cluster and share insights on the needed transition towards sustainable zero-carbon fuels. The Nordic Collaboration Platform is the cornerstone to drive the Nordic fuel transition and develop a common roadmap for the uptake of sustainable zero-carbon fuels in the Nordics – and for the realization of intra-Nordic green shipping corridors.

The conference was divided into four main parts:

  1. Welcome and introduction to the Nordic Roadmap project
  2. The Finnish perspective
  3. Piloting and Green Shipping Corridors, including a status update on the pre-piloting project
  4. Roadmap workshop

Key takeaways were the importance of ice-classed vessels and challenges related to Finland’s long distance to central Europe, as well as the green transition and green shipping corridors providing great business opportunities for the industry. The project team also got important input to the roadmap from the conference participants related to key barriers and actions.

The event ended with a dinner at the Norwegian Embassy in Helsinki. Below you can find the full agenda.

The presentations from the conference can be found here.

Conference agenda:

11.00Welcome by the Nordic Council of MinistersSveinung Oftedal, Specialist Director (KLD)
11.10Introduction from the Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsSabina Lindström, Director-General (Networks department, Ministry of Transport and Communications)
11.20Nordic Roadmap – Overview and co-operation platformEirill Bachmann Mehammer (DNV)
11.40The Finnish perspectiveEero Hokkanen (Ministry of Transport and Communications)
11.45Finnish Forest Industries Alina Koskela, Manager, Logistics Affairs (FFI)
12.00FinnlinesJohanna Luoma, Environment and Sustainability Specialist (Finnlines)
13.00Piloting and Green Shipping CorridorsNathaniel Frithiof (DNV)
13.152 Pilot Case studiesTBA
13.45Roadmap Workshop Input and discussions to the strategic Roadmap development in break-out sessions
15.30Wrap-up panel sessionAll

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