Methanol pilot study

Corridor route: Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn
Fuel in focus: Methanol
Pilot owner: Stena Line
Pilot facilitator: IVL

Comparing methanol with a biodiesel and batteries for a RoPax vessel

The overall aim with the pilot project is to provide a basis for identifying and promoting the most relevant solution for a potential green corridor on the Gothenburg and Fredrikshavn service to be introduced in the near mid-term.

Long-term objective: To realize a green shipping corridor for the ferry line between Gothenburg and Fredrikshavn

Short-term objective: To identify the key barriers and next steps to turn the Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn service into a green shipping corridor.

Generally, the pilot project has been divided into three tasks:

  1. Investigate key barriers for turning the Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn ferry route into a green shipping corridor.
  2. Assess and compare the potential for different fuel solutions for the RoPax ferries on the Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn route.
  3. Identify funding possibilities that could support the transition of the Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn route.

Status as of June 2024:

  • Key stakeholders have been mapped (Port authorities in Gothenburg and Fredrikshavn, electricity grid owners, bunker operators and biodiesel producers)
  • Task 1: the mapping of key barriers and solutions to overcome them has started
  • Task 2: The foundation for the economic and environmental calculations/assessments has been established
  • Task 3: Ongoing work to identify public financial support for the investments and operational costs needed to realize this green shipping corridor.

This pilot study is still open for new partners.
Please contact Karl Jivén for more information (

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