Piloting of selected fuels


To identify pilot projects promoting the uptake of carbon-neutral fuels across the Nordic region and execute initial pilot studies.


The purpose of the pilot studies is to evaluate the techno-economic feasibility of the solutions – not to make them ready for implementation. Finding pilot owners who have the ambitions and capabilities to implement the solution – if the initial pilot study and the business case is convincing enough – is an essential success criterion. As the pilot studies will not be paid, having participants and partners that are motivated commercially, seek to learn, develop competence, network, and profiling, and further their own business will also be important.


Status and results from each pilot will be presented regularly in the Nordic collaboration platform by the pilot owner, also providing input to the other Tasks in the project such as the Nordic roadmap.

Key facts

Task leader: DNV (Eirill Bachmann Mehammer)
Contributors: IVL, Litehauz
Start date: 2024 Q1
End date: 2025 Q4

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