Presentations from the Nordic Roadmap seminar in Gothenburg 11th of April, 2024

Welcome and project overview – Julia Hansson & Karl Jivén, IVL

Nordic Fuel Transition Roadmap – Øyvind Endresen & Dorthe Alida Slotvik, DNV

Overview of Nordic pilot studies and how to participate, incl. the Nordic Collaboration platform – Eirill Bachmann Mehammer, DNV

Methanol versus biofuels and electricity pilot study – Stena/IVL

Ammonia pilot study – CIP/Litehauz

Hydrogen pilot study – Port of Oslo

Reflections on the development of green shipping corridor initiatives – Björn Garberg, Trafikverket

Green shipping corridor Umeå – Vaasa –

Green shipping corridor initiatives from a Finnish perspective: Turku-Stockholm – Filip Franck & Magnus Gustafsson, PBI Research Institute

Green shipping corridor initiatives by Maersk Mc-Kinney Möller Center –

Experiences from a national green shipping corridor in operation: MF Hydra – Erlend Hovland, Norled

The path to zero emissions, Enovas existing and new programs – Elin Ulstad Stokland, Enova

Transport buyer perspective – Elin Swedlund, Skogsindustrierna

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