Presentations from the Nordic Roadmap Workshop Reykjavik October 3, 2023

Introduction from the Nordic Council of Ministers – Erla Sigríður Gestsdóttir, Lead of Energy Unit (Ministry of environment, energy and climate)

Nordic roadmap project overview – Øyvind Endresen, Senior Principal Consultant (DNV)

The Icelandic perspective – Ragnar Ásmundsson, Manager – Energy Fund & Energy Projects (National Energy Authority of Iceland)

Sailing away from fossil fuel – Þorlákur Guðjónsson, Innovation Manager (UR Seafood)

Sourcing green methanol – Ómar Sigurbjörnsson, Director of Marketing and Communications (Carbon Recycling International)

eMethanol in the Nordics; Availability, opportunities and challenges – Matthias Ólafsson, Chief EU Representative (Methanol Institute)

Nordic collaboration platform and green shipping corridor pilot studies – Eirill Bachmann Mehammer, Senior Consultant (DNV)

Status for the Nordic fuel transition roadmap and workshop – Dorthe Alida Arntzen Slotvik, Consultant (DNV) & Maren Nygård Basse, Senior Economist (Menon)

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