Status update – July 2024

The Nordic roadmap project is now entering its final stage. We are planning a high-level conference in Copenhagen on 3 December 2024, where we will launch the Nordic Fuel Transition Roadmap and present results from the pilot studies.

The Nordic Fuel Transition Roadmap is a strategic document that aims to accelerate the uptake of zero-emission fuels in the Nordics by specifying stakeholder actions to overcome barriers. During spring, the roadmap was distributed to the supporting partners within the Nordic collaboration platform for their review. The roadmap was then updated and presented to the project’s Nordic steering committee. A final update of the roadmap will be prepared in the autumn.

Three green shipping corridor pilot studies in the Nordics have been established, and the Nordic roadmap partners are invited to participate in the following pilots:

  • Oslo-Rotterdam, focusing on hydrogen, with Port of Oslo as pilot owner
  • Esbjerg-Immingham, focusing on ammonia, with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners as pilot owner
  • Gothenburg-Frederikshavn, focusing on methanol, with Stena as pilot owner

The project has also expanded the Nordic collaboration platform with new supporting partners, who can contribute to the roadmap and the pilot studies. An overview of our more than 60 partners across the Nordic maritime value chain can be found on the project website, which has recently been updated. The project has been promoted at relevant events across the Nordic region, including:

  • Nordic Green Transport Forum in Gothenburg, 7 May 2024
  • Maritime Day in Åland, 23 May 2024
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