Reykjavik workshop

Date: 2023-10-03

Time: 10.00-15:00 (GMT)

Location: Workshop at Nautholl, Nauthólsvegur 106, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Dinner at Þórunnartún 1, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland.

Attending companies and organizations: AMOGY, Birr Holding Aps, Brim, Carbon Recycling International – CRI, Clara Arctic Energy rhf, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners – CIP, DNV, EFLA Consulting Engineers, Fisheries Iceland, Fley ehf, Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory, Green by Iceland, HS VEITUR, IDUNN H2, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Landsnet, Landsvirkjun, Litehauz, Luleå University of Technology, Man Energy Solutions, Marefuel ehf, Menon Economics, Methanol Insitute, Ministry of Environment (Energy and Climate Iceland), N1, Nordic Energy Research, Oliudreifing ehf, Orkustofnun, Rauma Marine Constructions, RENERGY – Norwegian Renewable Energy Cluster, Samorka, SEAS, University of Iceland, Vegagerdin – Icelandic road and coastal administration, Verde consulting, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ålands Landskapsregering, Aalto Univeristy.

The third conference of the Nordic Roadmap was held in Reykjavik, at Nautholl. About 70 participants from different companies and organizations from all over the Nordics were gathered to get a status update on the project deliverables so far, gain new insights, share knowledge, establish connections, give input from relevant Icelandic stakeholders to the Nordic roadmap strategic document, and recruit contributors to the green shipping corridor pilots in the Nordics. The workshop was followed by a networking dinner at Fosshotel Reykjavik.

The purpose of the conference was to give status update on the project delivery so far and get input on the development of the strategic Nordic Roadmap, as well as facilitate partnerships throughout the Nordic maritime cluster and share insights on the needed transition towards sustainable zero-carbon fuels. The Nordic collaboration platform is the cornerstone to drive the Nordic fuel transition and develop a common roadmap for the uptake of sustainable zero-carbon fuels in the Nordics – and for the realization of intra-Nordic green shipping corridors.

Key takeaways from the workshop can be found here.


10.00Welcome by the moderatorRagnar Ásmundsson, Manager – Energy Fund & Energy Projects (National Energy Authority of Iceland)
10.10Introduction from the Nordic Council of MinistersErla Sigríður Gestsdóttir, Lead of Energy Unit (Ministry of environment, energy and climate)
10.20Nordic roadmap project overviewØyvind Endresen,
Senior Principal Consultant (DNV)
10.40The Icelandic perspectiveRagnar Ásmundsson, Manager – Energy Fund & Energy Projects (National Energy Authority of Iceland)
11.15Sailing away from fossil fuelÞorlákur Guðjónsson, Innovation Manager (UR Seafood)
11.35Sourcing green methanolÓmar Sigurbjörnsson, Director of Marketing and Communications (Carbon Recycling International)
11.55eMethanol in the Nordics; Availability, Opportunities and ChallengesMatthias Ólafsson, Chief EU Representative (Methanol Institute)
13.00Nordic collaboration platform & green shipping corridor pilot studiesEirill Bachmann Mehammer,
Senior Consultant (DNV)
13.15Status for the Nordic fuel transition roadmapDorthe Alida Arntzen Slotvik, Consultant (DNV)
13.30Feedback session on the draft Nordic fuel transition roadmapMaren Nygård Basso, Senior Economist (Menon)
14.55Wrap-upEirill Bachmann Mehammer,
Senior Consultant (DNV)
15.00End of conference 
18.00Networking dinner at Fosshotel Reykjavik

The workshop is coordinated with the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference in Reykjavik 4-5 October, hosted by Nordic Energy Research. See more information about the conference here.

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