Nordic Roadmap – status update June 2023

Project status

Within a limited timeframe, the Nordic roadmap project has delivered eight technical reports, targeting specific barriers towards regional and global uptake of zero-carbon fuels, with also identification of potential green shipping corridors in the Nordic. Green shipping corridors can overcome key barriers at a manageable level and initiate the fuel shift. All project deliverables are available on our website, including: 

  • High level evaluation of promising zero-carbon fuels
  • Voyage-based identification of promising green shipping corridors and energy hubs
  • Insight on green shipping corridors – from policy ambitions to realization 
  • Short-list of Intra-Nordic green shipping corridor candidates 
  • Safety analyses and regulatory development (two reports) 
    • State of play – status on regulatory development for zero-carbon fuels 
    • Fuel properties and their consequences for safety and operability
  • Detailed Well-to-Wake Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses
  • Mapping of planned fuel production and identification of key infrastructure barriers

Recently, the Nordic countries submitted a proposal for a complete base document to IMO for draft Interim Guidelines for the safety of ships using ammonia as fuel, developed in the Nordic roadmap project. This could accelerate the process towards international regulations.  

Further, the Nordic roadmap project has provided valuable input to the second revision of the Ammonia as a Marine Fuel Safety Handbook recently published by the Green Shipping Programme. The intention with the handbook is to provide practical guidance on safety aspects of ship design in the development of ammonia fuelled ships for ship owners, yards, and designers. 

The project has also established a Nordic collaboration platform which will facilitate knowledge sharing and networking, to ensure that we are aligned in our work towards zero-emission shipping in the Nordics. A project website has been developed to support the collaboration platform, with information about the project, our deliverables, a knowledge base for green shipping corridors, and relevant Nordic initiatives. In addition to the online presence, the Nordic roadmap project has been promoted at more than 20 in-person events across the Nordic region. Recent events include: 

  • The Nordic Minister meeting in Island, 11 May 2023 (Korridorer skal få fart på grønn skipsfart. To hindre står i veien. – E24
  • Green maritime business conference in Århus on the occasion of a Norwegian royal visit to Denmark, 16 June 2023 
  • Nordic roadmap workshop in Helsinki, 3 May 2023 
  • Maritime Day Åland, 1 June 2023 
  • Workshop on Green shipping corridors in Berlin, 8 June 2023
  • Meeting with Swedish and Danish transport authorities in Ystad port, 9 June 2023
  • Lighthouse and MAREN webinar, 19 June 2023 

Next steps

The project is currently developing a Nordic roadmap which aims to accelerate the transition to zero-carbon fuels by identifying key barriers to their uptake, and concrete actions that can be taken to overcome them. Important milestones will be defined for meeting the short-, medium- and long-term targets for zero-carbon fuel uptake in the Nordic region. The Nordic collaboration platform will be used to get input to and anchor the Nordic roadmap. 

Green shipping corridor pilot studies will be initiated, focusing on selected zero-carbon fuels. The project is currently looking for dedicated pilot owners and participants for the pilot studies, which will be chosen in dialogue with the Nordic Council of Ministers this autumn. The pilot studies should result in learning points which can be transferred to other potential green shipping corridors and lead to accelerated uptake of green fuels. 

The project is actively seeking to expand the Nordic collaboration platform with new supporting partners, who can contribute to the Nordic roadmap development and the pilot studies. An overview of our more than 35 partners across the maritime value chain in the Nordics can be found on our website. 

Previous Nordic roadmap eventsUpcoming Nordic roadmap events
– Opening conference in Oslo 15 November 2022
– Workshop in Helsinki 3 May 2023
– Workshop in Reykjavik 3 October 2023
– Webinar 8 November 2023
– Workshops in Sweden & Denmark in 2024

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