We are pleased to announce that during the summer months Amogy, the Danish Technological Institute, the Port of Ystad, Uzmar, Sternula, the Port of Turku, Norwegian Hydrogen and the Danish Ministry of Transport have joined the Nordic Roadmap project as supporting partners.

Strong backing from supporting partners will be essential for the impact that the Nordic Roadmap Project can deliver. The green transition in shipping will demand solutions onboard, onshore and through market based approaches, and contributions from all aspects of the value chain such as fuel suppliers, port authorities, national authorities, ship yards and research institutions. With these new additions to the team we ensure that we strengthen our combined knowledge-based within all the complete value chain.

You can read more about our latest partners below:

AMOGY is fuel production company, that work towards a carbon-free future for transportation by introducing ammonia as a clean energy source for heavy transportation.

The Danish Technological Institute is a leading research and technology company, which are experts in environmental technology and energy.

The Port of Ystad is Sweden largest ferry port and a natural connecting point between Sweden and Central Europe.

UZMAR is a shipyard based in Turkey, which mainly builds and sells tugs and workboats along with a various range of high-performance vessels.

Sternula is the world’s first comercial provider of satellite-based AIS 2.0, also known as VHF Data Exchange System (VDES), which is designed to enable communication between the ship bridge and shore.

Port of Turku is one of Finland’s main ports as an important connection point in the Baltic sea

Norwegian Hydrogen drives the green transition through the development and operation of green hydrogen infrastructure, aimed primarily towards heavy-duty transport and maritime customer segments.

The Danish Ministry of Transportation works with planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the danish infrastructure and is contributing to the green transition

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