Ingeranne Nakstad

Nordic Roadmap presented at the Nordic Hydrogen Valley Conference in Reykjavik

While we hosted our workshop in Reykjavik on October 3, the Nordic roadmap team extended our visit and participated in the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference hosted by Nordic Energy Research on 4-5 October. The conference was centered around the five projects supported through the call “Nordic hydrogen valleys as energy hubs – by 2030 and 2040”. You can read more about these projects here. Our team member, Eirill Bachmann Mehammer,


We are pleased to announce that during the summer months Amogy, the Danish Technological Institute, the Port of Ystad, Uzmar, Sternula, the Port of Turku, Norwegian Hydrogen and the Danish Ministry of Transport have joined the Nordic Roadmap project as supporting partners. Strong backing from supporting partners will be essential for the impact that the Nordic Roadmap Project can deliver. The green transition in shipping will demand solutions onboard, onshore

Nordic Roadmap – status update June 2023

Project status Within a limited timeframe, the Nordic roadmap project has delivered eight technical reports, targeting specific barriers towards regional and global uptake of zero-carbon fuels, with also identification of potential green shipping corridors in the Nordic. Green shipping corridors can overcome key barriers at a manageable level and initiate the fuel shift. All project deliverables are available on our website, including:  Recently, the Nordic countries submitted a proposal for

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